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Running Metalwire Thermometer

  • RMT-01
    This is a thermometer that by using K-type thermocouple rotation pulley, measures at high speed and high accuracy the temperature of running metal wires.



name Runnning MetalWire Thermometer
model RMT-01
CAD file dxf     pdf
  • A portable thermometer with compact size, light weight and dry batteries used for power.
  • Applicable for even small diameter of less than 0.1mm by using k-type thermocouple with small heat capacity to measure temparature of small metal wires.
  • As for the maximum measurement diameter, even Φ10mm is possible.
  • Accurate measurement is available due to small heat capacity of the thermocouple and small rotation friction of the pulley.
  • Free from thouble of short circuit to the thermocouple caused by copper dust or the like.
  • Non-contact power supply and data passing to the pulley that makes the pulley's rotation friction so small and rotation so smooth.
  • A high-performance thermometer by making full use of CPU and the latest electronic technology.
  • Accurate calibration is available by using a calibrator for K-type thermocouple.
Detection Sensor K-type(Alumel-chromel) thermocouple
Temparature Measuring range 10 ~ 250℃
Display 7 segment LCD 4digits
Display Time 1/Sec. (once a second)
Power A dry battery (size AA) x 4 and AC Adaptor
6V 0.4A(dry battery)
5V 0.5A(rechargeable battery)
Durable for 4 hour constant use of dry batteries
and a rechageable battery made by SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd.
Ambient Temperature,Humidity 0~45℃,35~85%RH(No condensation)
Outside Demension
Machine body : 70(W)×157.4(H)×34.5(D)[mm]
Pulley : 100mm diameter.
Weight Approx.0.7kg(including batteries)

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