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Surface Fault Detector

  • This equipment is designed to detect the faults, defect, lumps on the cable/pipe surface by principle of light reflection.
  • This equipment is for in-line use to detect visible faults.
  • This equipment is more suitable for a lusterless surface rather than a lustrous surface.
  • This equipment must be set befor the marker, because it also detects color variation of surface.

Surface Fault Detector -- Specifications

Model FM-44L FM-66L FM-88L
 CAD file dxf dxf dxf
pdf pdf pdf
Camera 4(360 degree) 6(360 degree) 8(360 degree)
Cable dia. 1~30mm 10~60mm 20~130mm
Line speed 1~400m/min 1~400m/min 0.2~300m/min
Performance Detection of Faults 1mm * 1mm (uneven height) but some defference subject to shape and color of faults
Alarm level 0 - +10VDC Continuous variation 0 - +10VDC Continuous variation 0 - +1VDC Continuous variation
Alarm output Red lamp on, 1a contact One shot(0.5sec)
Recorder output Recorder output is available for each channel.
Power supply for detector AC100V 50/60Hz
AC100V 50/60Hz
AC100V 50/60Hz
Outline dimension
(W * H * D[mm])
400 * 360 * 200 576 * 576 * 458 700 * 710 * 490
Weight 13kg 35kg 45kg
Light source 4 pcs. 6 pcs. 8 pcs.
LED lamp Model : LDR7L-M-E11/27/5/18 (USHIO)
Power source is not use
Operation temperature -5 to 50 degree centigrade(No condensation)

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FM-44 image [Go to Top this page]

 Outside Dimension : [W * H * D]   400×360×200(mm)

FM-66 image [Go to Top this page]
 Outside Dimension : [W * H * D]   576×576×458(mm)

FM-88 image [Go to Top this page]
 Outside Dimension : [W * H * D]   700×710×490(mm)

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