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Cable Circuit Tester

  • There are different types of Cable Circuit Testers as DC-1000K for High voltage testing of Breaking/Entanglement of wires and portable type cable circuit tester(DC-12K).

Cable Circuit Tester -- Specifications

DC-1000K  Image

Model DC-1000K
Summary At multi-core cable, Checking the breaking of wire by conductance test, and Checking entanglement by putting a high voltage to single core.
CAD file dxf       pdf
Judgement value Breaking 1kohm +/-5%
Entanglement 50kohm +/-5%, 100kohm +/-5%,
200kohm +/-5%
Testing Voltage Breaking DC24V
Entanglement DC0 - 1000V
Output Alarm buzzer
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz 20VA
Outside dimension 350(W) * 100(H) * 335(D)[mm]
Weight Approx. 4.5kg

DC-12K Image

Model DC-12K
Summary Changeable judgement resistance and Portable type cable circuit tester
CAD file dxf       pdf
Judgement resistance 100ohm - 2000ohm(Other value available by option)
Test voltage DC9V(using AC adopter), DC6V(using battery)
Buzzer level More than 90phon/m(using AC adopter)
Test lead set Red/Black each 1m
Power supply AC adopter(Input:AC100V 50/60HZ 6VA, Output:DC9V 0.3A)
or Battery(1.5V 4pcs., R6 size AA or equiv.)
Outside dimention 158(W) * 95(H) * 35(D)[mm]

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