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Cable Capacitance Monitor / Calibration Capacitor

  • This monitor can continuously measure capacitance of a covered cable in on-line water bath, which is manufacutured by continuous extruding machine.
  • Cable capacitance control is available by outputting control voltage.
  • Cablibration for Cable Capacitance Monitor is available by Calibration Capacitor (Option).
  • By RS-485 interface, intergrated data management can be done.(Option)

Cable Capacitance Monitor / Calibration Capacitor -- Specifications

CPM-401B Image
Display unit
Model CPM-401B
CAD file dxf     pdf
Measuring range 0 - 400pF/m (Expansible by option)
Measuring accuracy Either larger value of +/-0.2% of reading value or +/-0.2pF/m
Resolution 0.1pF/m
Sampling time 500 times/sec
Capacitance display 4-digit 7-segment LED (Green)
Deviation display 4-digit 7-segment LED (Red)
LED Bargraph.(F.S.=selectable +/- 10 or 100pF/m)
Target value setting 4-digit digital switch
High/Low limit
3-digit digital switch
Average Moving average(1 - 5000 times, 1/2/5 steps)
Zero adjustment Push ZERO switch on front panel and adjust at automatic
Analog output Output capacitor/deviation(selectable) within +/-10VDC,
Selectable gain, Isoration type.
High/Low limit
contact output
Display in Red LED, 1a-contact (AC250V resistance load 2A)
BCD output Option
RS-232C interface or RS-485 Function(Option)
Control method Proportional control
Control output Max. +/-10VDC, Isoration type
Line speed Max. 3000m/min
Power supply AC100 - 240V Free power supply 50/60Hz 10VA
Ambient condition Temperature:0 - 45 degree centigrade,
Humidity:35 -85%RH(No condensation)
Outside dimension 144(W) * 72(H) * 191(D)[mm]
Weight Approx. 1.7kg

CPM-101B Image

Repeater unit
Model CPM-101B
CAD file dxf      pdf
Construction Alminium diecast (Dust & Water proof)
Ambient temperature 0 - 45 degree centigrade
Outside dimension 80(W) * 125(H) * 57(D)[mm]
Weight Approx. 1.7kg

Sensor unit for CPM

CP-05B Image
CP-09B Image
CP-15 Image

Sensor unit
Model CP-05B CP-09B CP-15 CP-26
CAD file dxf dxf dxf dxf
pdf pdf pdf pdf
Outside dimension 28 * 226mm 40 * 386mm 60 * 656mm 80 * 900mm
Weight 0.5kg 1kg 3kg 6kg
Water conductivity 1mS/cm or less (It depends on water temperature and dissolved materials. Recommendable to use water with conductivity of 0.5mS/cm or less)

Calibration Capacitor
Model CPR-05(for CP-05(B))
CPR-09(for CP-09(B))
CPR-15(for CP-15)
CAD file dxf  pdf
dxf  pdf
dxf  pdf
Pyrex glass/SUS304
Construction Electrode is bonded in the center of Pyrex glass.
Reference capacitance Marked on each Calibration Capacitor
Uncetainty Less than +/-0.2% of marked value
Reference temperature 18 - 28 degree centigrade
Guaranteed temperature 15 - 35 degree centigrade
Operation temperature 1 - 50 degree centigrade(No icing)
Capacitor dimension dia.= 7mm, length = 285mm(CPR-05)/
Measuring accuracy 0.05%
Measuring frequency 1MHz
Protection case Material:PVC,
Conservaion temperature:10 - 40 degree centigrade
Outside dimension: 36 * 360mm(for CPR-05) /
48 * 520mm(for CPR-09)/
36 * 807mm(for CPR-15)
  • After purchase, tracability is available by option.
  • Calibration Capacitor for CP-15/CP-26 can be prepared by option.
  • Please feel free to contact us about calibration for other Capacitance Monitors.
  • Please feel free to contact us about measuring method of Calibration Capacitor.

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