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Laser Micrometer

High performance & low price system, can be assembled for various applications by combining scanning units & display units.

Scanning Units (Go to spec list)
  • There are three different types of Laser Micrometers as standard type, such as Scanning Units for Single axis measuring , Orthogonal dual axes measuring and Swing type all circumference measuring.
  • For measuring large diameter work pieces of more than 300mm, it can be measured by combination of 2 units of Single axis Scanning Unit.
  • For applications to install emitters and receivers separately or widen their distance, Separate type can be used. Also Multi-axis measuring more than Double axes can be made by combination of Separate type Scanning Units.
  • No influence to the measured value by ambient light such as the sunlight, etc.
  • Measurement of high temperature objects with up to 2000 degrees centigrade is available by minor modification of the Scanning Unit.
The guide of Calibration gauge/gauge fixture

Display Units (Go to spec list)
A lot of applications are available by various functions of Display Units.
  • Corresponds to the RS-485 interface.
  • Real time measurment and Max./Min. value, Average value Display for a period.
  • Average,Difference,Sum,Ratio,Flatness calculation of Multi-axis measurement
  • Large diameter/Long width measuring
  • Film thickness measuring
  • IC-Pin Pitches measuring
  • Total Control of Multi-production lines
  • Cable cover(wall) thickness measuring
  • Outside Diameter Control is available by Control Units
  • Others                                                                                                
  • The measuring instrument of the LASER DIAMETER with the outside diameter control function also did the lineup. ( LDM-210C /LDM-210EXC) 

Single axis scaning unit

separate type scaning unit

2axis type scaning unit

swing type scaning unit

swing type scaning unit (for Large axis)
LDM-110  for single axis

LDM-210  for single axis(high speed)

LDM-110EX for 2axis

LDM-1000EX   for multi axis

LDM-1000   for multi axis(max 5axis)

LDM-210C  for single axis(high speed)
         with outside dia control function

LDM-210EXC  for 2 axis(high speed)
         with outside dia control function

The guide of Calibration gauge/gauge fixture is here. ==> Go

The guide of Air puage unit is here. ==> Go

** Other Option
* LDM-201,LDM-202 Signal extender   ==> Go     For Example => Go
* LDM-205,LDM-206 Signal distributor  ==> Go     For Example => Go
* LDM-B2 BCD distributor          ==> Go     CAD file => dxf format
                                            pdf format

* Application system of Laser Micrometer(Go to Top this page)

・ Laser diameter ・ Deflection Micrometer

    Outline : 
          It is a system that puts a rubber covered roll, a metallic roll, the pipe, and the
          cylinder measurement thing such as Nodou goods on the measurement stand,
          rotates the measurement thing, and measures the outside diameter and the width
           of swinging, and outputs the result to the printer.

・ LDM-WTM : 
Desk top type system to measure wall thickness of outside diameter of pipe and tube.

    Outline : 
            A surrounding all thickness of meat is measured and the outside diameter
             in all surroundings of a cylindrical midair products such as the pipe, tubes,
             and the hoses is graphed on PC in real time and by automatically rotating
             the measurement thing by 360 degrees.

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