Product information

RS-Printer / Printer for Laser Micrometer

Print measured values of LDM series in real time

  • RS-printer

  • This imports measured values from Laser Micrometer via the RS-232C interface and prints.
  • You can use it conveniently when you want to output data to recording paper.

Print sample

This is an example of printing data of LDM-110 (1 axis spec.)

This is an example of data printing in LDM-1000 / EX, P(avarage display), X, Y in 3ch display.

This in an example of data printing with LDM-1000 / EX, with one LDM-1000LS board, performing 3ch display, set ch1 as the maximum display, ch2 as the minimum display, ch3 as the swing width display setting.


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