Product information

AD Series / Counting Event Printer

It prints by receiving an event such as error signal.

  • AD-500

This is a device that continuously prints the distance and message of electric wires at the time of receiving the signal upon receipt of an alarm signal coming from any device such as Laser Micrometer, Srface Variation Detector, Disconnection tester, Spark tester, C monitor, and Joint Detector.
This is extremely useful for quality control of electric wire production line.

  • Up to 10 messages can be input.
  • Preset setting (forecast, maximum) to scale is possible.
  • Scaling for counting pulses is possible.
  • Various settings such as year, month, day, hour, etc. can be backed up for a long time.
  • Date, hour, minute and lot number can be printed.
  • Accurate scale recording is possible by setting the correction distance of each message.
  • RS-232C standard equipment, ultra compact low cost.

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