Product information

PRF / Profile Extrusion Control System

It is used for outer diameter control in special extrusion line.

  • Edge sensor PRF40H PRF10H

  • Controller PRF-93

This equipment is designed to control the extruding machine or winding machine directrly to keep the size of the profile like plastic or rubber stable in a continuous production line.

Control Principle

Measuring L(Fig.1) by edge sensor, L becomes small when the size of the profile became large, and L becomes large in a reverse case.
Calculating control voltage by proportion plus integration method using the variation of L, and add the control voltage to the motor rotation controller of the extruding / winding machine.
For example, when the size of the profile becomes large, L becomes small. To keep the profile size stable, the equipment adds compensational voltage to the winding machine to speed up until the size of the profile becomes as set at the beginning. And the same in the opposite case.


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