Product information

DC series / Conduction checker

It measures the continuity of the object.


  • Detector DC-1000K

Detecting Break wire by feeding Electric Current at both ends of multi core cable and measuring Continuity.
Discriminating Contact wire by charging Voltage and measureing electric resistance.

  • We have a break wire/ contact wire tester and a portable tester.


  • Portable tester DC-12K

Detecting Break wire by feeding electric current at both ends of cable and
measuring Continuity, and Protable type to be used with dry battery UM-3 or
AC adaptor, and useable for long length cable due to variable Continuity discrimination resistance.

  • Usable for long cable bundles due to variable Discrimination resistance.
  • Useable anytime and anywhere with dry battery UM-3 or AC adaptor.
  • Usable even at noisy factory due to portable type but big buzzer sound and display lamp lighting.


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