Product information

ID・IDS・IDX / Joint Detector

It detects the connection of wire etc.

  • Detector ID-3L

  • Controller ID-1001

  • Sensor ID-3

  • Sensor ID-5

  • Sensor ID-8

  • Sensor ID-15

  • Sensor ID-30

  • Sensor ID-50

  • Sensor ID-90

  • Controller IDS-501

  • Sensor IDS-24

  • Sensor IDS-60

  • Sensor IDS-100

  • Controller IDX-701

  • Sensor IDX-06

It is a detector with on-line detection of joined portion in cable,
aimed to eliminate defect from the product.
More accurate can be expected and it is possible to set an appropriate detection level since the detection level is indicated by a bar graph.
Depending on the model, disconnection, seam detection inside the shielded wire, pressure bonding with no change in outer diameter and weld joint seam detection are also possible.

  • IDS series is recommended as a joint detector for our company.
    However, depending on the application, you can also use the inexpensive ID series.
  • For applications as disconnection detection, there are optimum models depending on the detection target.

CDD-15 is recommended when you want to detect a break of a thin line, although the joint detector can also be used as a cable disconnection detector.


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