Product information

FM-L / Surface Fault Detector

It detects fault on the surface of the object.

  • For small diameter detector FM-44L

  • For medium diameter detector FM-66L

  • For large diameter detector FM-88L

It is a device that detects fault such as scratches, pinholes, lumps and sheath
failure on all surfaces in continuous production lines of plastic pipes, tubes, rubber.
Surface faults are detected by using irregularly reflected light from the surface of the object to be measured.
It has particularly high detection capability for transparent object and translucent object.

  • It detects by light reflection method for surface fault of sheath defects, scratches,
    protrusions, etc. on the whole surface of the pipe and insulating sheathed cable.
  • Basically it is suitable for fault detection that can be confirmed with the naked eye.
  • A resin type surface such as rubber is more suitable than a shiny metal surface.
  • It must be installed before the printing machine since surface printing is also detected as a fault.
  • We will report you test measuring result if you send us test samples.
  • We achieved long life by adopting LED lamp as light source. (We also accept maintenance of halogen lamp specification FM series)


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