Product information

TM / Surface Variation Detector

It detects irregularities in the object.

  • Detector for heavy line TM-4002

  • Detector for medium line TM-3004WA

  • Detector for heavy line TM-6004A

  • Detector for thin line TM-1003W、Detector for medium line TM-3002W

TM-series Surface Variation Detectors were designed to monitor surface variations in an object by means of emitting light to the object and detecting a difference of interrupted light volume which is affected by the variation.
Those TM-series detectors can be used at production line of all products such as optical fibers, enamel, electric and vinyl wires, communication and power cables, metal and glass rods, plastic tubes, pipes, hose, etc........,
which are required to detect surface variations.

  • It is a device that detects the change in the size of the shadow blocked by the measuring object.
  • Surface Variation can be detected in all production lines such as pipes in general, vinyl cable, communication cable, power cable, plastic, rubber and glass rod etc.
  • It is high speed / continuous detection by non-contact.
  • It is easy to handle.

Typical surface variation

  • Blister

  • Projection

  • Waviness

  • Foreign body

  • Abnormality of transparent pipe

  • Cover tear

Technical explanation


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