Product information

RMT-01 / Running Metal Wire Thermometer

It measures the temperature of metal wire such as electric wire

RMT- 01

  • Mobile type thermometer RMT-01

It is a thermometer which measures the running metal wire temperature with high speed and high accuracy by thermocouple pulley.

  • Handy type with small size, light weight, dry battery.
  • It is possible to measure the temperature of Φ 0.1mm or less wire because of thin K thermocouple and because of it's small heat capacity.
  • The maximum measurement diameter is Φ 10 mm.
  • Accurate temperature measurement is possible since thermocouple's heat capacity is small and pulley rotation friction is very low.
  • No short circuit failure of thermocouple due to adhesion of copper powder or the like.
  • The rotational friction of the pulley is extremely small and the rotation is smooth since electric power supply to the pulley and delivery of temperature data are carried out in a non-contact method.
  • High performance running metal wire thermometer by full use of CPU and latest electronic technology.
  • Accurate calibration is possible with K thermocouple calibrator.

RMR-01 Temperature Calibrator for Running Metal Wire Thermometer

  • RMR-01

It is a temperature calibrator for calibration of running metal wire thermometer (RMT-01).
It has a copper plate heater that can set the temperature, and you can calibrate RMT-01 by making contact and rotate the K thermocouple pulley of RMT-01 on the heater.
You can easily confirm the total specifications of RMT-01 when running.

  • Calibration like actual operation is possible.
  • Calibration with K thermocouple calibrator is better for more accurate calibration.
  • Accurate temperature control is done by measuring the heater temperature with a thermocouple and feeding it back.
  • Temperature setting is possible by 1 °C.
  • Easy temperature setting with up / down switch.


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