Product information

EM series / Eccentricity monitor

Measure the eccentricity of the center conductor of the electric wire.

  • For thick line EM-304A、
    For thin wire EM-302B

  • For midline EM-303B、
    For thick line EM-304B

It is a device which obtains the eccentricity amount of the core wire by digital signal processing after measuring the center position of the electric wire with a laser beam and measuring the conductor center position in the electric wire magnetically.
Please choose the optimum eccentricity monitor from abundant variations.

  • An optimal eccentricity monitor can be selected according to coated wire from thin wire to large diameter.
  • It measures the eccentricity amount noncontactly with laser beam and magnetic detection circuit.
  • Maintenance is easy since there is no mechanism to drive mechanically.
  • There is no damage to the product by measurement since it is a noncontact measurement.
  • A panel computer is used for the display unit, so touch panel operation is also possible and display various graphic.
  • Online operation is possible with external computer using interface.
  • It is also possible to manage batch data by using the RS-485 interface (optional).


  • Detection unit EM-302B

  • Display unit EM-PC2

System configuration

Excitation / Control / Display Unit Appearance

** EM - 800, which is more powerful than the excitation unit EM-25, is available as an option for EM-302. You can use it according to your environment.
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